Syria Decides to School Kerry

March 11, 2009

The theme of the current administration seems to be learning that Bush wasn’t always wrong.  Yeah, we know, you’ve heard nothing but screaming libs talking about how wrong Bush always is and how smart they are.  Where the rubber meets the road, we’ve had a series of learning moments for liberals. 

Obama is about to take the oath and he states publically that he can’t really just shut down Guantanimo because the situation is a little more complex than he thought it was.  The fortunate thing for Obama is that his groupie followers are apparently too dumb to realize that appointing a committee and doing the deed are different items.  So that campaign promise slipped by unnoticed and his cheerleaders will righteously tell you that he’s kept his promise!  He appointed a committee.

Liberals have been screeching that Bush simply refused to attempt diplomacy and was ignoring the State department.  The current administration has had a series of debacles that show that perhaps Bush was a bit faster to pick up the fact that the State department is apparently completely incompetent.  Of course, the amusing piece of this has been watching libs bumbling through their uber attempts at diplomacy only to find that the world is a bit more complicated than they assumed it was.  Their attempts to play super nice pals with foreign dignitaries has met with fairly consistent amused laughter and, in at least one case, insulting allies. 

So, Kerry takes a stab at chatting with Syria.  The middle east wouldn’t be nearly as problematic, thinks Kerry, if only we chat them up, then they’ll be oh so much more willing to come around to the wonders of the “Obama” US.  Only one problem, it seems that either Kerry is too stupid to take the hint when they say “Go away,” or they directly lied to him.  Kerry came back and told us that Syria is ready to be in direct talks with us and not so close to it’s buddy Iran.  Only, errr…, Syria said that Iran was it’s best pal the next day.  Ooops!  You’re kidding me?  Fanatical Middle Eastern regimes that deplore us like Iran better than us?  Man, wish Kerry could’ve seen that coming.  Moron.


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