March 7, 2009

If you haven’t read this article, you really ought to:

Krauthammer points out that Obama introduced the patently awful budget suggesting that we’re currently “paying for past sins”.  Therefore, this budget is a form of reparations.  We are all sinners.  So sayeth our commander in chief.  Thus we must pay out the nose for past transgressions.  Even if the transgressions could not logically be linked to us, we must pay.  Specifically, we must pay a great deal more for gas.  Via SCHIP, we must pay a great deal more for cigarettes.  We must pay a great deal more in terms of losing ground in a global market.  Why?  Because we did wrong things!!  We are BAD.

Why this comes as a surprise to anyone is beyond me.  Liberals have been making their main dollars on talking down the US in foreign countries for years.  Those same foreign nations are snickering as our businesses set sail for foreign shores.  I have a friend who does international accounting who says she hasn’t had a free moment since Obama was elected.  See, liberal pals, the interesting thing about that top 10 percent of folks you wanted to tax?  They are more mobile than the rest of society.  They can move their business centers to another nation utilizing a phone line or a computer while resting on a beach in the South Pacific. 

If you present the idea that this is ludicrous to any liberal they will point at the president’s high poll numbers and suggest he must be right.  Of course, if a politician is popular, he MUST be right.  If Obama had tried to introduce the idea of reparations under the name “reparations”, he probably would not have even gotten his crazy liberal pals to vote for it.  The concept of debtors prison has passed from historical meme, but not from liberal intent.  This budget is intended to punish you.  If you, like me, are furious that ANY politician would attempt to punish you for having the depravity of living freely and happily in a nation that creates the vast majority of true wealth in this world, I encourage you to stop voting Democrat.  OK, so you don’t like the Republican candidate, vote third party!  There are plenty of excellent candidates that are not from either major party.  May I also request that, if you are among those who really feels you need to be punished, perhaps you could join some variety of church that enjoys punishing it’s members?  That would free me, and those who agree with me, from being punished along side you.


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